About Me

I am a mum to three kiddos, a graphic designer, and a country gal at heart but also love a dip in the ocean to feel that real connection to the earth and recharge!

I have a deep passion for empowering people to connect, make conscious choices and to live a healthier happier life. This passion is a result of my own experiences; how I empowered myself and learnt to make conscious choices for the health of my family, when, five years ago when my second child was diagnosed with celiac disease. This diagnosis kick started my focus on healthy eating, and the larger wellness journey that followed.

After doing a little research I quickly realized the wide range of chemicals the human body is being exposed in our western consumer society, and the massive impact these chemicals have on lots of body systems - hormones, how your gut works and heals, not to mention what is absorbed into your blood and brain (yikes!). I undertook a life changing journey and soon realised it was up to ME to reduce the toxic load in my own home that was effecting myself and my family. This is when I discovered the most beautiful pure and potent essential oils on this planet...doTERRA.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my journey to better health for myself and my family. I love to incorporate them into almost every part of my life; replacing most products in my home with easy to make chemical free solutions; adding essential oils to cooking (mostly raw food) to give a boost of flavor; and supporting my family’s health both physically and emotionally along the way.

These essential oils changed the way I live and have now given me an opportunity to live my passion, be part of a revolution, something rewarding, empowering and more! Come on the journey with me, make a change for the better, empower yourself, make conscious choices, pass it on and feel content.

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