Why I chose Multi-Level Marketing and DoTERRA

Multi-level marketing (MLM) sometimes gets a bad wrap. I’ll be honest and say that initially, even I had some scepticism about starting a MLM business. If you’d told me 10 years ago that I would one day have my own successful MLM business that I loved and felt honoured to work in each and every day, I would have laughed at you!

Because many of the MLM businesses that were around when I grew up used outdated marketing techniques that often came across as being ‘pushy’ and ‘salesy’, I developed a negative mindset around these kinds of businesses. Thankfully, MLM’s, and business marketing strategies in general, have evolved over the past couple of decades. I now know that being ‘pushy’ and ‘sleazy’ are not synonymous with MLM’s - just MLM’s done poorly (ANY business done poorly!)


So how did I end up choosing MLM and why did I choose to work with doTERRA in particular?

I’d worked for the Government for most of my life. I never really loved it, but ‘working for the man’, was all I ever really knew. It wasn’t until I started a side hustle with doTERRA that I realised that work didn’t have to feel how it had felt for me, for so many years. That it could in fact feel joyful, inspiring and aligned. It was the opposite of everything I’d ever known, and it felt like the perfect fit.

Working as a doTERRA boss babe excited me because the Company:

  • Created positive change in the world

  • Did no harm to the environment

  • Valued its employees

  • Paid its employees, who put in the effort and hard yards, extremely well (just to be clear, a MLM is not the same as a pyramid scheme!)

  • Operated with transparency, integrity and respect

  • Helped its employees to grow - both professionally and personally, and

  • Gifted me like-minded colleagues who I enjoyed working alongside.

MLM team pic x3 .jpg

If you’ve following my journey online over the past few years you’ll know that I fell into working with doTERRA very naturally. I’d been using their products for some time, saw the impact they had on my health and the health of my family, and fell in love with them (my husband might even say that I became obsessed with them!)

For me, doTERRA was the business I’d been searching and unknowingly wanting to work for my whole life! Thankfully for me, doTERRA had an open position (that’s the great thing about MLM’s - there’s always a job there waiting for you!) that paid well, gifted me flexibility, came with plenty of support and training, and didn’t require me to have any previous experience. For me, it was like a dream come true.

Is MLM and doTERRA for you?

Only you can answer that but here’s a couple of questions for you to ponder ...

Do you genuinely love doTERRA products?

Would you ever recommend doTERRA products to your family and friends?

If so, then know that this is basically MLM - you’re recommending a product you love, to someone you think might also love it and benefit from it. The only difference is that currently, you’re not set up as a business and aren’t making a profit off their purchase. Because at its core MLM is just that - you sharing something you love with another person, and then making a profit if they too fall in love with it themselves. No lying. No manipulation. No ‘sleazy’ marketing tactics. Just genuine, open and honest sharing.

Many people fall in love with incredible products every single day. The great thing about MLM’s is that you’re actually given an opportunity to join the business, sell something you’re passionate about (that you’ve experienced the benefits of directly) and make an income. And to me, that is a wonderful opportunity!

But I want to be clear - doTERRA for me (and everyone else I know in the business) is more than just a financial transaction.

It’s a healthy future for ourselves and our families, and the wider population.

It’s medicine, minus the chemicals.

It’s the flexibility that means I can drop my kids off at school and help out in the classroom.

It’s the freedom that allows me to work on my terms - I create my work around my life and get out what I put in.

It’s a network of colleagues (turned friends) who I share common interests and values with.

It’s leadership training and professional growth.

It’s life changing personal development like I’ve never experienced it before.

It’s the chance to be philanthropic and change lives.

And yes, it’s also the opportunity to earn an uncapped and unlimited salary for my family.

I feel proud of doTERRA and the fact that I make up a part of their worldwide team. When you see something change peoples lives, you can’t help but want to put all of your energy into it. The fact that I’ve been able to build a profitable and successful business from it blows my mind every. single. day.

If you’d like to know more about my journey, or how you yourself can start your own business with doTERRA then I’d love for you to reach out. doTERRA changed my life (both the products and the business), and I know it can do the same for you.

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