Water Kefir Gummies!


There are SO many good things that happen to your bod when you add a little gelatin and gut lovin’ water kefir to your life.


By adding some grass-fed gelatin to your diet there are numerous benefits. I love adding it to my coffee, smoothies, soups, broths, mashed potato just to name a few. I try to get either gelatin or collagen powder into my tummy and that of my kids at least several times a day. 

Some of the many benefits include: Skin Health + cell health, Anti-ageing, Wrinkles, Teeth, Hair and Nails, Stretch marks, Cellulite, Liver Detox, Weight loss, Digestion, Leaky Gut, Strong Bones  Arthritis Support, High Metabolism, Adrenals, Hormone balance, Wound repair, Allergies, Muscle maintenance, Lowers Inflammation.

The brand of gelatin and collagen powders I use are from Gelpro Australia (I use the ORANGE one for gummies and the BLUE one for coffee and smoothies etc). BTW I’m not paid to say that, I just love their products.


The Water Kefir I make myself. If your keen to do this then there is a video on how I make mine below, otherwise you can buy Water Kefir from most health food shops.

A few benefits are: + Due to the beneficial bacteria, kefir is helpful for the immune system and supports a good bacterial balance in the gut + Kefir has been shown in laboratory studies to improve bone mass, helpful to prevent osteoporosis + High in probiotics, kefir may be a beneficial beverage for supporting mental wellbeing + L. kefiri (one of the active beneficial bacteria in kefir) is antimicrobial and has good probiotic benefits, inhibiting pathogens + Appears to be anti-carcinogenic and may have therapeutic benefit for both healthy and ill adults. All this awesome info is from www.theingredientguru.com

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These make the best kids snack for or after school 👌🏼 or nice treat for after dinner. 
I read somewhere that gelatin is known to promote a good nights sleep and decrease anxiety!! 🤯 Say what!


200g organic fruit juice, no added sugar 
175g water kefir (or kombucha)
6 drops lemon or lime or wild orange essential oil (doterra only folks)
40g or 1/3 cup gelatin powder (I use Peptipro Australian Beef Gelatin or Great Lakes Gelatin)
4 tbs rice malt syrup (or honey or maple syrup) OR 1/3 cup xylitol granules (a natural fructose free sweetener made from birch)

Theromix Method 

  1. Chuck all ingredients in thermi except Water Kefir

  2. Speed 1, 60 degrees, 3-5 mins until all the gelatin is dissolved 

  3. Let cool slightly and then add Water Kefir and mix Speed 2, 15 sec

  4. Pour mix in moulds, refrigerate 2 hrs ... if kids don't eat all in 1 hr!

  5. Store in the fridge for a week.

Stove top Method

  1. Add 1/2 cup (125ml) only of the fruit juice along with the gelatin to a medium sized saucepan. Allow to ‘bloom’. (this just means the gelatin expands and absorbs the liquid/puffs up.

  2. Add rice mail syrup or xylitol to the saucepan.

  3. Turn on low heat and stir until the gelatin dissolves. (add a little more fruit juice if needed)

  4. Remove from heat, allow to slightly cool and then add the Water Kefir + Essential Oil.

  5. The mix will foam up so tap the saucepan down onto the counter a few times to minimise the froth. 

  6. Transfer to a pouring jug with a small spout and pour into moulds. I like silicon ones as they allow the gummies to ‘pop’ out.

  7. Place in the fridge, refrigerate 2 hrs or until set and pop-out when firm.

  8. Store in the fridge for a week. They won’t last that long though!


If you don’t have doTERRA in your life yet and would love to get your hands on these beautiful essential oils and everything else doTERRA has to offer, I’d love to help you! Simply email me and we can work out what’s best for you to start with.

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