How to Sell Authentically & from the Heart

When I first started working with doTERRA, one of the things I was most worried about was selling. I’d never had a business before, nor had I ever sold anything. I had no idea where to start, let alone how to do it in a way that felt authentic and from the heart.

Little did I know at the time, selling would come to be one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of my job.

Why? Because, when you have a product you love and that speaks for itself (because of how amazing it is!) you don’t have to sell it - you just have to share it.

And sharing in my business simply means:

  • Having conversations with like-minded women who are also passionate about reducing the toxic load in their home

  • Talking about how the product has changed my life (which it has, in so many ways!)

  • Gifting samples to people to try so they can learn about the magic of doTERRA products for themselves

  • Posting helpful information to social media, on my website, and in my newsletter about how I use the products in my everyday life

  • Running events where we eat great food, play with oils, have deep conversations and enjoy lots of laughs.

In this day and age, people are becoming more and more adverse to ‘pushy’ selling techniques. In fact generally, when someone gets a whiff of a ‘sleazy salesperson’, they turn and run a mile in the other direction.

Thankfully for me, doTERRA is a company that's successful because of how high quality and life enhancing its products are. There’s no tricks and no ‘push’. Just connection, openness and transparency.

doTERRA has taught me so much about how to run my business and market in a way that feels inviting and gentle. Simply through sharing from my heart, I naturally attract people who want to purchase oils from me, and join my community.

If you’re just starting out with doTERRA, or want to ramp up your selling/sharing skills, here’s some tips to keep in mind …

Use stories from your own life.

People love to hear personal stories and more often than not, it’s these stories that resonate most deeply and prompt them to purchase. I’m always sharing stories on my social media and website, and in my newsletters. It lights me up to be able to share what blend of oils helped ease my daughter’s cold, or how I’ve replaced the chemical cleaning products in my home with effective homemade recipes.

Now I’ll be honest, when I first started sharing the oils I secretly thought that my story was a bit ‘ho hum’. I mean, I hadn’t had some crippling disease and used oils to get better - I was just a Mum who was passionate about reducing the toxic load in her home, and the homes of other families around the world. I worried that my story was boring and not engaging enough.

What I see now, is that my story is more than enough! I am enough and I have so much wisdom to share thanks to the journey I’ve been on. I’m now in a position where just sharing my experience can change lives. How beautiful is that?!

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Focus on how the product will change someone’s life.

People invest when there is an emotional attachment involved. When they see how something can positively impact their life, they naturally want it. Getting to know people intimately, finding out about their lives and then educating them about which oils could help them is one of my most favourite parts of the job! When I turn my attention to focus primarily on relationship building and serving, rather than selling, my job becomes easy!

Give, give, give. And then give some more.

Generosity is key when it comes to heart centered selling. Although we have to be mindful of what we’re gifting people for free (for example, sending every interested person a full sized bottle of an oil of their choice probably isn’t the best financial move!), generosity is very important.

In my business, I’m generous with knowledge, food (I make sure I take delicious healthy doTERRA infused treats to my workshops!), samples and time (running free events and supporting my team). And I must say, giving not only energises inspires me, it organically brings lots of business my way.


Always consider what’s in it for your reader/event attendee/etc. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

The old question ‘What’s In It For Me?’ cannot be underestimated when you’re running a business. With life getting more and more expensive, people are becoming more and more reluctant to hand over their money ‘willy-nilly’. People always want to know what’s in it for them before they invest and, as a business owner, this is a question that must always be at the forefront of your mind.

What do your customers need from you?

What challenges are they experiencing in their life?

How can you help them solve a problem, or make their life better?

This is where your attention must lie.

Just be you.

More and more, people are enjoying getting to know the person behind the business. They love watching them online, seeing ‘behind the scenes’ and forming a relationship with them. The thing that differentiates your business from all others - even those that ‘look’ very similar to yours, is YOU! Bring your unique self to the table and don’t try to be someone else!


Don’t pretend to be an expert

When I first started out in business I felt intimidated by all the things I didn’t know. I worried that someone would ask me a question during a workshop that I wasn’t able to answer and that I would seem unprofessional and not ‘expert’ enough. What I know now is that not knowing something is okay! In fact, people often respect someone who has the authenticity to say, ‘I’m not sure about that, let me find out for you’ more than someone who pretends to know what they’re talking about when they clearly don’t! It’s that kind of openness and transparency that build relationships and that my friend, is what sells.

Before you venture into starting a business, or trying to grow and expand what you’ve already created, it’s imperative that you understand your relationship with selling. If it’s something that brings you anxiety, results in you playing small (because you want to avoid doing it!), or generally creates a sense of restriction, then let these be signs that there is work for you to do. We cannot build a business that is financially successful and viable when we have these kinds of resistances.

If this is something you can relate to, remember these few very important things:

  • With doTERRA, your focus becomes more about serving and sharing than selling, and that feels BEAUTIFUL (for both you and your customers)

  • Relationship building and connection is at the forefront of every successful business

  • Your business will bloom to its fullest potential when you embrace being you. You have so much to offer and the right people will be attracted to you, simply because of how wonderful you are (even if you struggle to see that yourself!)

Here’s to building businesses we love and doing it in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

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