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The unexpected benefits of working for doTERRA

When I first starting working with doTERRA, I was most excited about having the opportunity to teach women about the powers of essential oils, and how they could use them to live a low tox life.

Unbeknownst to me, three years on, I continue to fall more and more in love with the products and the company. I’m constantly surprised by the unexpected benefits that organically come from working with doTERRA - benefits I never anticipated nor thought were possible for me.

Working with doTERRA has proven to be so much more than just a vehicle to connect with women who are interested in healthy living, and to earn good money while doing so. Today I want to share with you some of the unexpected benefits I’ve been lucky enough to experience simply because I said ‘YES!’.

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You can be 100% you

So often in the corporate world, I felt like I couldn’t be 100% myself. There was a culture I had to conform to, people (who were very different from me) to collaborate and get along with, and restrictions and rules I had to accept. I often felt like I had to moderate and change myself in order to fit in.

The great thing about having your own business with doTERRA is that you don’t have to do this. You make your own rules, design your business around your lifestyle, and choose who you want to work with. That’s. Freedom!

When you have the permission and freedom to this, you naturally begin to be more YOU - in all of your unique glory. I’m now more confident and have more love for myself than ever before.

Connection and community

There is such a big difference between having colleagues versus feeling connected and being a part of a community - a distinction I’ve experienced first hand since starting with doTERRA.

As humans, we all crave connection and a feeling of being understood, accepted and celebrated. At doTERRA you get just that. You feel like you are a valued part of a whole, and an essential piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You get to journey with people who value you, celebrate you and very quickly turn from workmates to friends. Never have I felt more connected and a part of a like-minded community than I do since I started with doTERRA.

Personal development

I’ve learned more about myself from working with doTERRA than I did in all my years going to workshops and exploring personal development teachings. I now have a deep understanding and connection with myself, know what my strengths are (and how I can use them to grow my business), feel deep joy and satisfaction, and have a vision and purpose for my future. Yes, working with doTERRA has taught me how to build and grow a business, but it’s also taken me on an inner journey - one that’s affected me and my family in the most positive of ways.


Being a part of an amazing team culture

There’s something deeply satisfying and refreshing about working with a company whose values are aligned with your own. doTERRA’s commitment to sustainability, empowering local communities and charity work make me feel so proud to be affiliated with them. Collaborating with change makers who want to do good in the world is refreshing and inspiring. You can't help but want to be part of the momentum and contribute to doing more good! It just feels so good!

Most of us have a desire to do charitable work and help those less fortunate than us but unfortunately, life is full of responsibilities that often drain us of our time and energy. With doTERRA, I know that my work is naturally allowing me to make a difference and contribute to something bigger than myself. It’s soul nourishing!

More life work balance and freedom

Never in a million years, when I first started with doTERRA, did I expect that I would leave my 9 to 5 job. But I did and doing so has brought so much joy into my life. I now get to spend more time with my fam bam, and I feel more energetic, happy and emotionally ‘light’. I work from home on my own terms, am more present with my husband and kids and immerse myself in work that truly matters to me. I now look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them as I know I get to do fulfilling work that lights me up!

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Being rewarded to work hard

At doTERRA, you get out of your business what you put in and there’s something I find really inspiring and motivating about that. So often in past jobs I didn’t feel ‘seen’ or have my achievements recognised. I was only able to earn a certain amount of money and, even if I worked extra hard on a project (which sometimes meant having to spend less time with my family), I wasn’t rewarded - emotionally (through praise), or financially. With doTERRA I feel like my efforts are constantly being celebrated and I clearly see the financial kickbacks of my work. Both of these things are essential ingredients to help us keep our energy high and stay on track with our goals.

Empowering future generations

Something I’m really passionate about is ensuring that future generations feel empowered and have the knowledge to care for their health. It brings so much joy to my life when I see my own kids, and those of my doTERRA community reaching for essential oils when they are unwell or need emotional support. More and more, it’s becoming the norm and what helps me get out of bed in the morning is knowing that these kids will have a whole host of natural resources and tools to call upon as adults when the going gets tough.


As you can see, my journey with doTERRA has been very full, with not just financial rewards, but also personal and emotional rewards. Everyday, I bear witness to men and women whose lives have been completely transformed by doTERRA. If you too feel called to build a profitable business, develop deep connections, earn a great income and build a more nurturing relationship with yourself, then I’d love for you to reach out.

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