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cinnamon coffee body scrub

1 cup coffee grounds
1/2 cup salt
doTERRA cinnamon oil (2-3 drops)
1/2 cup Coconut oil or more

Directions Mix coffee grounds and salt. Dilute cinnamon oil with 1 tbsp carrier oil. Start with one drop of cinnamon oil and test it out to see what will work for you. Add more coconut oil if it seems too strong or you have skin sensitivity. Add your cinnamon oil mixture to the dry ingredients. Stir in a small amount of coconut oil. Slowly increasing the quantity of coconut oil as you stir. You will know you’ve found the perfect mix when it takes on the consistency of fudge! When you have reached that point, jar it up. You are able to start using the essential oil cinnamon scrub right away in the shower or bath. 


lux salve

1 Cup Coconut Oil
8 TB Beeswax
2 TB Cocoa or Shea Butter
1 cup of sweet almond oil


  1. Using a double boiler over low heat, melt the following: coconut oil, beeswax and cocao or shea butter
  2. Stir occasionally, once fully melted remove from heat. 
  3. Add 1 cup of sweet almond oil. (You could substitute any carrier oil)

If making a salve, let cool 3-5 minutes then pour into desired container. Once cooled completely, add essential oils of choice.

If making whipped body butter, cool completely (freezer works fastest). Once cooled, whip with beaters until consistency is creamy & light. Pour into desired containers, then add essential oils. 

Essential oils to try
Muscle rub ~ Ice blue, Vicks rub replacement - Easy Air, Sleepy time balm - Lavender Peace & Cedarwood, First aid salve - Roman Chamomile & Lavender


body scrub

1 cup Epsom salt
1/4 cup Coconut oil (solid kind)
5 drops of essential oils
(4 wild orange + 1 peppermint OR 3 lavender + 2 geranium OR 3 lemon + 2 lime) 

Directions Mix epsom salt and coconut oil together. Next add essential oils and mix well. 

Note Alternatively table salt or sugar can be used, however I prefer to use Epsom salt for a few reasons: sugar can irritate someone with candida issues, Epsom salt is great for muscle pain and tension, and it is more course than table salt.

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foaming hand/body wash

Foaming pump bottle
3 parts water
1 part liquid castile soap (unscented)
10 drops essential oils of choice

Directions Slowly add water into bottle, then add castile soap making sure to leave room for the foaming pump. Add essential oil. Add lid and shake, and it’s ready to use.

Essential oils to try Peppermint & Melaleuca (Tea Tree), On Guard blend, Lemon & Geranium, Lavender & Lemon, Wild Orange & Grapefruit.

Note Liquid castile soap is a vegetable-based soap commonly found in health food stores. Dr. Bronner’s is a popular one. Look for unscented. Avoid Citrus oils if using plastic to advoid the nozel clogging. 



makes 12-14 tubes

2 tbsp beeswax pastilles
2 tbsp shea butter
2 tbsp coconut oil
30+ drops essential oil


  1. Melt beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil in a double boiler or small glass bowl over a small pot of boiling water, stirring constantly until melted.
  2. Remove pan from heat but keep over the still-hot water to keep the mixture melted.
  3. Add essential oils to your preference. I recommend adding a few drops at a time and testing a tiny amount on your arm to make sure the scent is to your liking.
  4. Once you’ve added the essential oils, use the pipette or a dropper to fill the lip balm tubes. This must be done quickly since the mixture will start to harden as soon as it is removed from the heat.
  5. Let tubes sit at room temperature for several hours until cooled and completely hardened before capping them.

Note Use an extra teaspoon or two of beeswax if you prefer a thicker and longer-lasting lip balm or slightly less if you prefer a smoother and softer lip balm. Since there are no water based ingredients, you can re-melt and add more of each ingredient during the melting process until you get the exact texture you want. When experimenting, I’ve put a few drops of the melted mixture onto a piece of parchment paper and let harden in the fridge so I could test it before putting the mixture into tubes. Have fun with it! This makes 12-14 tubes.

Recipe sourced from 'wellnessmama.com'

hand sanitiser

30ml Glass pump bottle or 30ml Glass Spray Bottle
5-10 drops of essential oils of choice
20ml Aloe Vera Gel (pump) or Aloe Vera Juice concentrate (spray)
10ml Filtered Water
A few drops of Vitamin E oil

Directions Add all ingredients and leave a little space at the top so you can shake it all together. Before use give it a shake to disperse the essential oils. 

Essential oils to try
Tea Tree, Wild Orange and OnGuard
Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon

Note Aloe Vera Juice concentrate acts as a moisturiser and is a great carrier oil for the essential oils added. Adding a few drops of vitamin E will prolong the life of your hand sanitiser by acting as a preservative and is also great for your skin.

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talc-free baby powder

Use organic, gluten-free, GMO free ingredients if possible.  

1/2 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup arrowroot powder
1/2 cup finely ground oats
2 drop Roman Camomile or dried Chamomile
4 drops Lavender
4-5 Shaker Bottles

Directions: Use a blender or food processor to grind up oats and if using put dried Chamomile in there too. Then mix with arrowroot powder and cornstarch. Then add essential oils last. After mixing, distribute into shaker bottles. (I have re-purposed an old spice jar, and it works a treat) 


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