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Hi! I’m Joey, the lady behind Essentially Me. I’m a nature obsessed Mum to three kiddos and a lover of low tox living and natural healing. You can find out more about me here and check out my near daily doses of healthy goodness on Instagram. I run workshops and offer wellness consultations to fellow Mums who want to reduce the toxic load in their homes and improve the health of themselves and their loved ones (physical and emotional!) using natural ingredients.

The tools I love and use in my life to do this are doTERRA essential oils. These oils have completely revolutionised my life and played a huge role in helping my family become healthier and happier. When my second child (the was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease seven years ago, doTERRA oils were a key contributing factor to bringing her health back into harmony. After seeing the life changing impact that the oils on her health, there was no turning back. We began using the oils for everything and were struck by how consistently effective they were.They’re now something we incorporate them into almost every part of our lives, using them to clean, cook and supporting my family’s health both physically and emotionally.


Joey is an authentic caring soul and a natural nurturer. She openly shares her essential oil knowledge through her real world experiences of detoxing her family’s diet and home in response to her baby’s celiac diagnosis. I am truly thankful for all the support Joey has and continues to provide to me. Her guidance is instrumental in my realising the value of my oils in supporting my own family’s health and in growing my own little wellness business

Tara Stevenson

I’m so glad I found Joey!!!!
Her commitment and passion to supporting people when they embark upon their oil journey is second to none. Joey goes above and beyond and happily answered all of my many questions, not to mention her passion and knowledge for all things low tox. I seriously cannot thank Joey enough for introducing me to these little brown bottles. Not only have they enabled me to support my family’s well being, both physically and emotionally they have allowed me the opportunity of taking my passion for the oils and love of helping people and turn that into to a thriving business

Erin Arrowsmith


Reduce the Toxic Load is your guidebook to removing chemicals from your home. Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the ingredients in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream? Or that the air quality of the average family home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? I know, it’s scary isn’t it!

As Mum’s we want the best for our families. We want them to be healthy, happy and the most vibrant versions of themselves. Unfortunately, so much of what we and our families are exposed to is detrimental to our health - our food and cleaning products (aka the things we use everyday!), just to name a few.

That’s why I created my Low Tox Living ebook - to gift Mums knowledge and simple recipes they can use in their homes to reduce the toxic load. Low Tox Living gifts you eight easy and low cost recipes you can use to make toxin free cleaning and body care products. From foaming hand wash to bath, toilet and tile scrub, Low Tox Living has it all! Head here (link to ebook) and grab your copy!


Book in for a wellness consultation. In this session we will explore the health landscape of yourself and your family, identify how you can begin living a lower toxin life (or further embrace one!) and explore which essential oils might best help you move towards greater health and wellness. You can con that me here.

Buy essential oils Have an ailment you want to support or want to detox your life and home? Let’s chat! I’m obsessed with doTERRA essential oils and love helping Mums choose the right oils to suit their individual needs and lifestyle. You can find out more about doTERRA essential oils (you’ll understand why I love them so much) here and contact me for advice about which oils are right for you here.

Join me at an upcoming workshops in Brisbane. I run a wide range of workshops! Some of my favourites have included ‘Natural Skin Care For A Tox Free Bod’ and ‘Emotions, Potions and Diffuser Bracelets for Kids’. Want me to run a customised workshop for yourself and your friends? Contact me and let’s chat!

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I love Instagram and am sharing helpful tips, recipes and resources most days that will help you and your family be your healthiest selves. Come and join me.

Joey. X